Persuasive speaking: You are expected to research both sides of the

In this paper you will present a business proposal speech to an imaginary audience about STARTING AN ADVERTISING AGENCY FROM $5000.

You are expected to research both sides of the issue so as to make a valid argument. A large part of your grade in persuasive speaking is reflected by your success in recognizing both sides of an issue (or at least not ignoring the opposing side), while clearly proving and supporting your point(s). Proper reference (verbal citations) to your sources should be made at each main point (at minimum). You must use at minimum of FOUR (4) peer review journal articles as sources for your speech and they must be verbally cited in your speech.

You must have a CALL to ACTION in your conclusion that is specific. Do not use .com, .net, .org as sources. You may use .gov for statistics if need, but it will not count as one of your four main sources. Be sure to use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

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