Spinoza and Maimon were among the first Jews to join the mainstream of

Reference Style: MLA Number of References: 3 (if possible use any of these books menti0ned at the bottom of the page) Structure: 1. Intro/Thesis Paragraph 2.First Paragraph [Why they broke from traditional judaism] 3. Second Paragraph [What did their careers have in common]

4. Third Paragraph [ How and why did they differ] 5. Conclusion Research Question: Spinoza and Maimon were among the first Jews to join the mainstream of the Western philosophical tradition. Why did they break from traditional Judaism? What did their careers have in common, and how and why did they differ? Readings you may want to use. – https://www.earlymoderntexts.com/assets/pdfs/spinoza1669.pdf – Solomon Maimon, An Autobiography, chapters 1-15, 21-24 – Feel free to do further research; however, please don’t use Wiki or other websites similar to it. Thanks

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