SWG 533: Methods of Social Work Research Single Case Study Design Assignment Activity • Set a goal for the next five weeks and 2-3 related objectives in order to reach your goal. • Decide on a measurement tool and collect baseline data • Prepare a graph for charting progress. Implement an intervention and continue to self-monitor. • Chart your progress toward your goal weekly. Time will be given in each class to discuss, encourage, and make suggestions.

• Consider whether you achieved goal(s), how charting was utilized, and what you would do differently as the practitioner. Write-up (2 pages length PLUS appended measurement tool and data display) Goal: What were the intended goal and objectives? (2-3 sentences) Intervention: What intervention(s) was applied? How is this related to achievement of your goal? Cite a minimum of three professional references that support your selection of the intervention (1 paragraph) Measurement:

How did you operationalize measurement of the outcome? How frequently did you collect data? (1 paragraph plus attached measurement tool) Study design: What design did you choose and why? (2-3 sentences) Results: Summarize your findings. Attach a graph that displays the analysis results of either the PEM or PND method. (1 paragraph plus graph) Discussion: Was there significant change? What conclusions do you draw? If you were a practitioner working with a client, what would you recommend? (2 paragraphs) Limitations: What are the limitations of your findings? Discuss threats to validity and reliability. (1 paragraph)


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