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Examine a form of media(your choice: magazine, newspaper, social media, video games, movies, your favorite tv show, a favorite sporting event, etc.) and take note of the messages/images that advertisers are sending/using. record your observations and see if you notice any themes. analyze the date from a social science perspective. your paper will include a description of the media you examined, descriptions of the ads/ commercials / characters, etc. An analysis of the material, and a conclusion. your paper will be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, three pages. some possibilities: Look through one issue of a magazine and notice that there are XX total ads. Of the XX total ads, XX seem to objectify males. XX of the ads show are for cologne. In each of the cologne ads, the man is laying in the surf with his shirt unbuttoned to the waist.

Pay attention to the commercials aired during a national hockey league game. XX of the ads are for beer. There are only men in the ads. All of the man are wearing sports jerseys. Examine romantic comedies released since January 2014. How are men/women/religions/children/animals, etc, portrayed in the film? my choice is: Nintendo’s game consoles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZADU0M8O38

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