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Survey Questions: Choose one of the open-ended questions below and re-write it as a closed-ended question with answer choices that could be used on a survey questionnaire. Note that some open-ended questions may require two closed-ended questions to cover the same information, and that some open-ended questions may not be easily converted to a close-ended version. If you choose one of the latter, explain why you think it can’t be written in close-ended form. 1. How would you describe the type of university you attend? 2. How satisfying is your interaction with your employer? 3. What, if anything, would you change about your interaction with your friends at college? 4. When did you decide to attend college? 5. At what point in your college career did you make a choice about your major? 6. What do you consider to be the most important interaction between parents and their children? 7. Thinking of the last time you shopped at a grocery store, how would you rate the clerk’s interaction with you? 8. What type of message could persuade you to change your views about gun control? 9. To what extent do you agree with the statement “There is too much violence on television”? Pt 2: Research Before researchers can collect data, they will need to design research instruments (tools used to collect data). After reviewing Chapter 8 in the Learning Resources under Survey Research, develop a draft version of a questionnaire that you intend to use in your proposed research study. The final version of your instrument will become part of your final research portfolio. Be sure to include a written introduction to the study. Get consent from your respondents. You should develop several questions for each of your two variables. (Please indicate for each question which variable it assesses.) Use mainly closed-ended questions. (Those are the ones with boxes to check.) Strongly consider the use of scaled questions. Include questions about demographics (e.g., age, gender, race/ethnicity etc.) at the END of your questionnaire. It may be helpful to watch the Scales and Indexes video in the Learning Resources to understand more sophisticated types of survey questions and analysis. These two resources can serve as support while developing and designing your own questionnaire: Creating a Questionnaire

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