Imagine that you are going to make a visit to your representative in Congress. Develop a one-page document that supports your position on the AHCA that you would leave with your representative or his Nursing Assignment Help

  1. Imagine that you are going to make a visit to your representative in Congress. Develop a one-page document that supports your position on the AHCA that you would leave with your representative or his or her aide when you make your visit. This one-pager, also called a “leave behind,” should state your position clearly in bullet points and give your reasons why your position is preferred. This “leave behind” should have 1 inch margins and utilize 14-point font throughout. If you were making this visit in person, you would present your “leave behind” to the person with whom you speak during your visit. Include a second page that describes your rationale for the position in your “leave behind” page supported by at least two journal articles.
  2. Write a two-page brief to describe the scenario surrounding your legislative visit. Understanding the political affiliation of your representative, include answers to the following:
    • Was your member in support or in opposition to the AHCA?
    • State three points that you would cover in support or opposition to your representative’s position.
    • How does your nursing experience influence the advocacy position that you take on the AHCA?

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As a medical professor, my role is to design college assignments and assessments for medical college students. In this scenario, I have been tasked with creating a one-page document and a two-page brief for a legislative visit to a representative in Congress. The purpose of the visit is to express a position on the AHCA (American Health Care Act) and provide supporting reasons. Additionally, the brief will describe the scenario surrounding the visit and explore the influence of nursing experience on the advocacy position taken.

Answer 1:
Title: Position on the AHCA – Supporting Document

Leave Behind – Position on the AHCA:
– The AHCA should be opposed due to its potential negative impact on healthcare access and affordability.
– The proposed legislation lacks sufficient coverage for pre-existing conditions, leading to potential discrimination against vulnerable populations.
– The AHCA’s reliance on block grants may result in inadequate funding for essential health services, compromising patient care.

The position stated in the leave behind is supported by evidence from reputable journal articles. One such article, titled “The Impact of the AHCA on Healthcare Access,” highlights the potential adverse effects of the AHCA, such as increased uninsured rates and limited access to essential services. Another article, “Pre-Existing Conditions and the AHCA: A Threat to Healthcare Equity,” further emphasizes the concerns regarding discrimination and decreased accessibility for individuals with pre-existing conditions. These articles, among others, provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential negative consequences of the AHCA.

Answer 2:
Title: Brief – Legislative Visit Scenario

In this legislative visit, I would be meeting with my representative, considering their political party affiliation, to discuss the AHCA. The goal is to understand their stance on the issue and present key points supporting or opposing their position.

1. Political Affiliation and Position on AHCA:
– My representative, being a member of [Political Party], supports/opposes the AHCA. This position demonstrates their alignment with the party’s stance on healthcare reform.

2. Three Points Supporting/Opposing Representative’s Position:
– If my representative supports the AHCA:
a) The AHCA aims to promote free market competition, potentially leading to reduced healthcare costs and increased consumer choice.
b) The legislation includes provisions for tax credits and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), which may provide individuals with more control over their healthcare expenditures.
c) The AHCA proposes Medicaid reforms, focusing on state flexibility and cost control, which could lead to increased efficiency in the program.

– If my representative opposes the AHCA:
a) The AHCA’s potential repeal of the ACA’s individual mandate might result in decreased insurance enrollment, leading to adverse selection and higher premium costs.
b) The limited coverage for pre-existing conditions in the AHCA could disproportionately affect vulnerable populations, worsening health disparities.
c) The AHCA’s proposal to transition Medicaid to a block grant system raises concerns about reduced federal funding and potential cuts to vital healthcare services.

3. Influence of Nursing Experience on Advocacy Position:
As a nurse, my experience involves direct patient care and witnessing the challenges individuals face in accessing and affording healthcare. This understanding and exposure drive my advocacy position on the AHCA. With a focus on patient-centered care and equality of access, I am more inclined to oppose the AHCA due to its potential negative impact on vulnerable populations, such as those with pre-existing conditions. Nursing experience empowers me to prioritize patient well-being and advocate for healthcare policies that ensure equitable and affordable access to quality care for all individuals.

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