1301 Research Question Ideas Topic: Research a Career How does a career in sales rehabilitate former

1301 Research Question Ideas

Topic: Research a Career

How does a career in sales rehabilitate former convicts and assimilate them into society?

How does a cosmetologist successfully work while suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome?

Why do some successful construction workers fail as project managers?

How does military experience prepare a veteran for a career in marketing?

How does an aspiring accountant experience challenges with low math skills?

Why does a lawyer defend a client he or she knows is guilty and how does he or she remain unbiased in his or her defense?

How does an elementary teacher overcome challenges associated with low salary?

How does an adult with autism find a successful career?

How does a realtor overcome financial challenges during a housing crisis?

Why would an office manager choose to go paperless?

How does an ER nurse experience the stress of saving lives?

How does a man/woman shape a successful career in a predominantly male/female occupation (name the job)?

How does a transgendered person experience prejudice or acceptance in an occupation (name the job)?

How does a professional dancer or actor experience stage fright?

How does an auto mechanic prepare for a future in electric cars?

Why does an architect choose to design passive solar homes?

Topic: Research an Animal

How does my dog experience bullying from more dominant dogs?

Why does my pet show fear when I train him?

Why does my cat sleep in a laundry basket?

Why does my dog show aggressive behavior toward my brother?

Why has my pet turtle become lethargic?

Why do some tamed cats (tigers/lions) attack their keepers?

How does an adopted wild mustang or burro adapt to domestic life?

How does a beef cow or steer experience a feedlot?

Why are some birds more aggressive than other birds in my birdfeeder or birdbath?

Why doesn’t my dog enjoy going to the dog park?

How do pigs/cows/poultry raised for food experience cramped spaces before processing?

Why does my dog prefer to eat cat food?

How has the elephant/rhino/giraffe/other exotic experienced increasing poaching?

How are bee colonies adapting to pollution or climate change?

How does a service dog experience service?

How does a therapy animal (choose an animal) provide therapy (choose a therapy)?

Why does a person (name the person) treat his or her dog like a child?

Topic: Research a Deceased Relative

Why did Grandpa refuse to talk about the Vietnam War?

Why did Grandma always drive new cars?

How did Uncle Charlie recover from debt so quickly?

How did my mother heal from breast cancer?

Why didn’t Dad remarry after mom died?

How did Grandma become the teacher of the year?

How did my mom’s letters help my dad during his incarceration?

How did Grandpa Bob become an Olympic athlete?

How did Dad experience Mom’s infidelity?

Why did Grandpa join the freedom marches of the 1960’s?

Why didn’t my great aunt marry?

Why did Grandma keep so much junk in her attic and garage?

How did Grandpa become a successful banker despite never graduating from high school?

Why did my older sister choose a life of drugs?

How did Uncle Charlie overcome PTSD?

Why did my Mexican grandparents illegally cross the border?

Why did Grandma tolerate Grandpa’s pornography habit?

How did Aunt Betty experience the life of being a preacher’s wife?

How did my parents experience their first new car?

Why did my older brother join a gang?

How did my grandparents experience immigration to the United States?

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