I need the attached assignments completed ASAP. SOC110_4002 SOCIOLOGY OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY

I need the attached assignments completed ASAP.



Lesson 1 Discussion 1

What do sociologists’ study?  How have family structures changed over the years to the present day?
(250 WORDS)

Lesson 1 Discussion 2


Describe 3 family functions?  How do these family functions present in your family?
(250 WORDS)


Explore a sociology association found on the link provided.  Write a 1-2-page written paper on the association you explored, how it relates to marriage and family, your interest level in the group, and your thoughts regarding joining the organization.
(1 PAGE of 400 WORDS)


Lesson 2 Discussion 1

Think of something you would like to research and discuss each step of the scientific method in terms of how it applies to your research.
(250 WORDS)

Lesson 2 Discussion 2

What do surveys measure in sociology?
(250 WORDS)

Lesson 2 Assignment 

Conduct a survey

Choose a topic related to marriage and family.  Develop 10 survey questions to measure your topic.  Ask 10 people the survey questions you developed and collect the data.  Write a one to two-page written paper on the survey process, data collection, and outcomes.  Attach your survey questions as an additional page to your written paper. 
(2 PAGEs of 600 WORDS) 




Discussion 1 

Tell your classmates a little about where you will be completing your practicum and three things you would like to learn during your placement to begin your career as a social worker.
(At least
200 WORDS)

I need responses to the following 2 peers’ posts

Stefanie Reep

(200 WORDS)

Hello, my name is Stefanie, I am currently a Special Education attendant at a small rural school in Ohio where I work with elementary-aged children with social and emotional needs, behavioral and academic needs. I have been happily married for 20 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 children ages 18 and 16. Outside of work my favorite things to do are to watch my kids participate in their sports, play volleyball, go to the beach, and hang out with my husband and best friends. For the last 2 summer seasons, I have purchased a Blossom Music lawn pass and have enjoyed seeing over 15 concerts. I enjoy live music and can’t wait to enjoy this summer’s concerts.  I LOVE all things Disney and my favorite place to visit is Disney World.

I will be completing my practicum at Westen Reserve Local Schools in the elementary. This is a small rural school in Collins, Ohio. 

Three things I would like to learn during my placement to begin my career as a Social Worker are 1. I would like to see the collaboration of the social worker, school psychologist, and counselor together. I want to know how they decide who sees the child, what they see the child for, and who communicates with the child’s teachers to make sure the child is getting what they need at school. 2. I want to learn what a proper amount of communication with parents is when the client is a student and whose responsibility it is to communicate if you are working with other school personnel. 3. Overall I want to learn how to advocate for my clients and how to make sure I am doing my best to give them what they need. 

Rashida Thompson

(200 WORDS)

Hello everyone, my name is Rashida Thompson and I am from Tuscaloosa, AL.  I am married and we have three children, two girls and a boy. In addition to our children we also have a sweet Pitbull named Blu. My hobbies include reading, cooking, and traveling. Our favorite place to be as a family is at the beach. We are currently counting down the days until summer so we can take our annual family trip. We also enjoy being outside in nature, riding four wheelers, and having family game nights. I am currently an advanced medical support assistance for the VA and that is where I plan to complete my practicum. I wasn’t expecting to take this course until the summer after I finished my last two classes, but due to the new foreseen circumstances surrounding EGCC, I am taking this class early so I can graduate in May. I am looking forward to seeing the day to day routine of our social workers and how they assist our veterans. I also want to become more familiar with the language and learn how to collaborate with their families, physicians, and psychologists. Any knowledge I am able to soak up and obtain during this process to better help me do my passion is what I aiming for.

Journal Entry 1 

Write about your journey in obtaining your practicum. If you have started your hours discuss your orientation experiences
(250 WORDS)

Discussion 2 

How has the history of social work impacted the field over the years?  Do we still use similar practices as seen when social work first began?
(250 WORDS)

I need responses to the following 2 peers’ posts

Stefanie Reep

(200 WORDS)

The history of Social Work has impacted the field over the years in many different ways. Over the years Social workers have made many social advances in the United States and all love the world. Starting with Civil Rights, Social WOrkers played active roles for all people regardless of race, gender, faith, or sexual orientation. Workers’ rights are another way social work has impacted the field. Some programs have helped with unemployment insurance, disability pay, and Social Security. The history of how Social Work and mental illness has been deeply impacted over the years, with what started with the mentally ill ending up in asylums has now developed into more humane ways of helping those with mental health issues and helping those live more productive lives. Lastly, two more major areas of Social Work that have impacted this field are the added fields of abuse and neglect of children and the elderly and substance abuse programs. 

 Similar practices still used today that were seen when Social Work first began is meeting the evolving needs of clients are

· Continuing education to ensure the field of Social Work is always growing and promoting well-being for people in need.

· Assessment of clients is also a practice that is still used today.

· Collaboration with other professionals and families 

· advocating 

· research

· leadership 

· documentation 


(200 WORDS)

Like many things in the world, they are all subject to change/evolution. However, i will say that the objective of the work of social work has not changed, and it continues to serve its purpose in many forms today.

in 1998 social work studies celebrated 100 years of being recognized as a official study area. Since then there has been many reasons to continue the work the field does. Social Work, and Social Workers have been part of history. It appears similar practices have continued through today in effort to offer the best policy/ and social work practices. Some of the most common back dates practices are: 
Research, Continuing Education, Collaboration, Documentation, and the development of NASW to promote accountability and standards.

Some of the ways that social work has played part in history is that it helped reform social policies to during the Great Civil Rights movement. Since its discovery in 1898 at Columbia University, Social Workers have not forgotten about the underrepresented, and injustices, and they also have not stopped fighting for equitable change. Social justice warriors, human rights champions, family advocates, and community leaders are reflections of this profession of those who came before, current, and who will come after.


Journal Entry 2 

 Write about your experiences at your field placement during the week.  Do you see any practices used from past social work history in your agency?
(250 WORDS).

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