Please find attached PPT and give 2 posts. Each post 2-3 paragraphs Vivek Ramaswamy Chapter 10 & 11 “Wokeness Is Like a

Please find attached PPT and give 2 posts. Each post 2-3 paragraphs

Vivek Ramaswamy

Chapter 10 & 11

“Wokeness Is Like a Religion” & “Actually, Wokeness Is Literally a Religion”

Presented by: Casey Nabb, Alexis Hagen, Algburi Abdulazeez, Edward Troendle, and Adrian Ichaka


Vivek read about Jesus Christ in his junior year in high school.

The story is The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoevky.

The story explains of a fictional encounter between Jesus Christ and the Grand Inquisitor during the Spanish Inquisition, questioning the nature of humanity and its desire for authority over freedom.

Central argument

Wokeness can be legally interpreted as a religion based on EEOC definition

Could be argued that employees who reject wokeness are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Corporations need to have balance of laws protecting individual beliefs but also making sure laws are not abused.

Beliefs or religions in corporations should be guided by law and should not contradict the corps’ purpose

Diversity is important and a powerful symbol in the society

Corporations fail to embody the true essence of what they should stand for.

Real world application

Discrimination in the corporations, to fire anyone who doesn’t enter into the new orthodox, e.g. Google fired James Damore

In 2020, Amazon, J&J, Morgan Stanley and Pinterest were sued because of allegations of racial discrimination

Misinterpretation between racism and workplace policy and regulations

Becoming victims of fear and hypocrisy, e.g. swearing to a set of principles to get or retain employment


Vivek suggests a cultural shift of shaping diversity to the direction of economic hardships rather than race.

Authentic diversity fosters an environment that values individuals beyond superficial traits, both among employees and employers.

American law acknowledges the value of diversity, the function of the Supreme Court.

Example: Ivy League University has 16% of Asians

Broader implication

Anti-racism embodies a deeply spiritual commitment for those dedicated to genuine religious practice.

Genuine diversity and sound policies are invaluable assets within corporations and the nation.

Freedom of speech serves as a benchmark of both maturity and democracy.

When for-profit entities take on the role of judges, it can lead to a phenomenon often termed “woke capitalism” which undermines impartiality and fairness.

Critical analysis

Allocation of legal resources is essential.

I.E. Civil Right Act of 1964 and the Title VII’s

The law should not perpetuate segregation or discrimination within its jurisdiction.

Unrestrained reliance on religious beliefs and practices for excuses can be detrimental to corporations performance.

True freedom should be scrutinized and exercised responsibly.

Sources to widen your knowledge

Where Religious Identity fits into your DE&I strategy –

Relgious Descrimination Laws

The New Religion of Woke

Discussion questions

How does the misapplication of legal principles affect a corporation’s operational efficiency?

Do you believe that the government played its role to make sure there is justice at the corporate level?

What (if any) are some pros and cons of expressing personal beliefs in the workplace?










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